Admin permissions

Admins can essentially do anything on your Basecamp account except for cancelling, upgrading, or viewing/changing billing details. You can have as many admins as you’d like!

Administrators can:

  • Create new projects and project templates
  • Manage companies and people
  • Edit other people's messages
  • Change project-level permissions

Administrators cannot:

  • See or update billing details 
  • Add themselves to other projects
  • See everyone's projects automatically
  • Change account owners
Note: An admin must be a member of your primary company. Members of client companies will not show up on that admin list. Also, if an admin does not have access to a project, they don’t have any admin powers over that project.

To enable admin permissions in a Basecamp account, go to the All People tab. 

In the header above your primary company, you’ll see a link to update your administrator list.

Click that link, and you can make your updates!