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Remove someone from a project

When you remove someone from a project, you are just preventing them from accessing the project. You are  not deleting them from the account completely. That person can still access other projects they've been added to.

Admins can remove people from projects. To remove someone from a project, click the People & Permissions tab in that project. Then click the link to "Add people, remove people, change permissions."

Everyone on the project will have a checkmark next to their name. Click the box to remove the checkmark, and they'll no longer have access to that project. 

Remove someone from a Classic account

When you delete a person completely, you permanently remove them from the account. They can no longer log in or gain access to your Basecamp account.

Only the account owner or an admin will be able to remove someone from your account. Account members aren’t able to delete their own profiles.

Start by clicking the All People tab. Then click the ‘edit’ link under the person’s profile.

In the right sidebar, there is an option to delete this person.

Deleting a user removes their access to your account, but it doesn’t delete any of their past activity in projects.

Delete a user from a Suite account

To delete someone from a Suite, go to the Launchpad,, and click ‘Add/Remove people’. 

You can remove access to individual apps, or delete the person entirely.

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