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Everyone who uses Basecamp uses the same version of Basecamp. Tabs can’t be hidden or removed from Basecamp. While we don’t offer customization options, you can always change the colors, upload your own logo, and set up custom categories for your account. 

To begin with the customization options we do have, click on Settings on the far right side of the account:

Changing colors

Then click on Color scheme on the left: 

You'll be able to choose from an existing color scheme, or set your own custom colors:


After you click on Settings, you'll be met with the option to upload a logo. It'll appear on the Dashboard and Overview pages. The logo has got be in PNG, GIF, or JPEG format. It cannot be more than 300 pixels wide. 

Seeing the old logo after replacing

If you're replacing a logo and still seeing the old one, have no fear. This is caused by a browser-caching issue that rears its ugly head on a few browser/version/platform combinations. 

If you upload your  new logo and you still see the old one, just force reload your browser. The reloaded page should show the new logo.

To force-reload on a Mac browser, hold down the “option” key and click the reload/refresh button in your browser. On the PC, hold down the “alt” key and click your browser’s reload/refresh button.

If that doesn’t clear your cache, here’s instructions on how to clear your cache for each major browser.

Logo backgrounds

Some logos don’t look that great against Basecamp’s grey sidebar. If your logo works better against a white background, you can place it inside a white box instead. Just click the “Settings” tab and select the checkbox next to your logo that says, “Put the logo in a white box.”
If you’re trying to match the grey Basecamp background color, use #E5E5E5.

Custom categories

You can change the categories for messages and for files that'll affect every new project. This won't change the categories on existing projects. To change existing project categories, use the category links in that particular project

Changing your site name

The name of your site can be different than your URL. You can change your site name as often as you'd like — it's what appears at the top of every page in the account: 

Customizing the URL

The account owner can change the URL by logging in, clicking the Account tab, then clicking the “Change our URL” link. Only the account owner can make this change.

No data or information will be lost—everything will be the same except that your site will have a new URL.

Note: When you change your URL all links to your old URL expire. You’ll have to let everyone (including all your clients) know that your URL has changed. They will also need to re-subscribe to RSS feeds and iCal feeds if they use those features. 

And finally, we don’t offer installable versions of any of our products. Our products are only available as hosted products. We maintain the servers, the security, all the updates and improvements so you don’t have to worry about anything.