Changing a project's company

Projects in Basecamp are attached to a primary company. These projects are listed under the primary company’s name on the Dashboard and in the project switcher.

To change the primary company, you first need to make sure there are multiple companies on the project. If not, you need to add another company to the project before you can make it the primary company. If you don’t see this option, then you probably only have your main company linked to the project.

If there are two or more companies on the project, you can change the primary company by clicking the “Settings” link in the upper right corner.

Then find the area with the title “Select the primary company for this project.” Select the company you want.

Here’s how project listings work by default: 

  • If the project only has one company (your company), then it’s listed under your company name.
  • If the project has two companies (yours and one other), then it’s listed under the other company’s name.
  • If a project has more than two companies, it’s listed under the primary company’s name (which you can set on the Settings screen inside the project).

Note: If you aren’t seeing that primary company section, then only your company has access to that project. When you add a new company to that project, you’ll see the primary company section appear.