Add people & companies to projects

Only account owners and admins can add people and companies to projects.

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Add Companies to Projects

Enter the project and click the “People & Permissions” tab. Click the link that says, “Add people, remove people, change permissions.”

Click the button that says “Add another company to this project.” You can select an existing company or add a brand new one.

Add People to Projects

To add a person to the project, you first need to make sure their company has been added to the project (if not, follow the instructions directly above). Then, you’ll be able to add people from that company to the project. Only the people you select will be added to the project – not the entire company. 

Click where it says, “Add a new person.” You can add as many people as you like: either people new to the account, or users who are already part of the account.

After you send an invitation, that person will appear on your “All People” page, with the word “Invited” below their name. Your invited team members will receive notifications from Basecamp right away, even before they join your account.

Resend an Invitation

If someone you invited misplaced their invitation, find them on the "All People" page, and click "Edit" under their name.

If the invitation email still isn't landing in their inbox (they can sometimes wind up in spam folders), you can copy and send your invitees their invitation URL instead.

Your user-to-be will see a page where they can create their ID. If they already have a Basecamp ID, they can (and should!) sign in with the username they already have. This will create a single sign-on for all their accounts.

Can one person be part of multiple companies?

In Basecamp, users are part of just one company. You should never add a person a second time, or try to list them under multiple companies … it can create a lot of unnecessary confusion!

While of course it’s possible in real life for a person to be a part of multiple companies, for Basecamp, it’s best to choose just one. This way, each person will only have one username and one password to remember, and other users won’t have any doubts about which identity to add to which project.

People can still be added to any project regardless of their company affiliation.