Add people to an account

Admins and owners can add new users to a Basecamp Classic account. To do this, go to the All People page. Click the “Add a new person” button to invite people into your account.

You can add users to an existing or new client company, or to your own company. 

You’ll enter a first and last name and an email address for each person you want to add.

You will have the option to add more details (title, phone numbers, IM name...), and a personal note to send along with their invitation. 

This is new for each person, so you may need to keep a copy of it somewhere in your account to easily copy and paste it in new invites.

After you send an invitation, that person will appear on your “All People” page, with the word “Invited” below their name. Your invited team members will receive notifications from Basecamp right away, even before they join your account.

If they’ve misplaced their invitation, click the red “Edit” link under their name to resend the invite.

If the invitation email still isn't landing in their inbox (they can sometimes wind up in spam folders), you can copy and send your invitees their invitation URL instead.

Your user-to-be will see a page where they can create their ID. If they already have a Basecamp ID, they can (and should!) sign in with the email address they already have. This will create a single sign-on for all their accounts. Super easy to navigate between multiple Basecamp accounts!