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Email notifications

Email notifications let people stay up to date on message threads via email. Anyone who posts a new message or comments on a message will automatically be “subscribed” to that message. When you are subscribed to the message, you’ll get an email notification each time someone else posts a new comment on that message.

It’s easy to notify people about one of your messages! 

When you post a message you’ll see a section that says, “Notify people of this message via email.” Select whomever you want to be notified. Selected people will receive a copy of the message via email and will also receive any comments posted to that message via email too (they can unsubscribe at any time):

notify email message

Subscriptions are established on a message-by-message basis (there’s no “always notify me” option). This keeps you from being inundated with messages you aren’t interested in.

People who aren’t part of a thread can also subscribe to a message by clicking on the message and then selecting “Yes, email me” in the right sidebar.

Reducing email notifications

On a single message

If you’d prefer not to receive email notifications on new comments, you can unsubscribe from a message. First, click the message you don't want to hear about anymore and look to the right sidebar. To unsubscribe, click the “remove” link located next to “You.”

If you aren’t comfortable with the content of messages, comments, files, to-dos and milestones being sent via email (emails are inherently insecure since they are sent in plain text over the internet), you can disable the email notification feature entirely. If disabled, people won’t see the email notifications option at all.  (Note: The RSS feature is a great alternative to using email for notifications.)

For the entire account and all users

Admins can turn off  all email notifications for your entire account and all users.
If you're an admin, head over to your Dashboard and click the “Settings” tab in the upper right. Scroll down the page to the section called “Email notification” and select “No email notifications.”

Not receiving notifications

If you’ve already checked your computers spam folder, this is most likely happening because email notifications from Basecamp are being blocked at the mail server level.

Please contact your system administrator to make sure that traffic from Basecamp has been whitelisted for your mail server.

The IPs from which Basecamp emails are sent are:

If you’re still not receiving Basecamp emails after confirming that they aren’t being blocked by your mail server, please send us a support request including the link to a recent notification you expected to receive a notification for. We can use this information to check our logs for the specific cause for why these emails aren’t arriving to you.

Receiving notifications, unable to log in

If you’re receiving notifications from Basecamp but still can’t log in, please ask the account owner or an administrator to resend the invitation to join their account.

To do this go to the All People tab, find that user’s name and click “edit”.

Admins — if you see the notice to resend their invite, that means they haven’t set up a login yet.

Daily Digest

The Daily Digest is an email that Basecamp sends you once a day. The email tells you about any to-do items or milestones that were checked off or added in the last day. Daily Digests are per-project, so you can subscribe to the projects you really care about without being distracted by any unnecessary information. Now you’ll always know day-by-day as work is completed or new work is assigned. It’s a really powerful feature.

To subscribe to the Daily Digest for a project, first load the project and click on the Overview tab. You’ll see a link to subscribe in the upper-right of your screen:

After you click “Turn on email updates” the following screen will confirm your details and remind you how the Daily Digest works:

Now that you’re subscribed, you’ll receive an email once each day at 9am. You’ll only receive an email if there was some activity on the project in the last 24 hours. Here’s a sample of what the Daily Digest email looks like:

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