Writeboards make collaborative writing easy. Track changes, make corrections, review multiple versions of a document, and write without overwriting someone else.

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When you're composing in Writeboard, you may want to format some of your writing. You can see the guide at any time while you're typing by clicking on the link that says "Check the formatting guide to easily make lists, headers, and more." That'll bring up this guide:


Once you create a Writeboard, you can edit it. Make changes and hit save. If you opt to make a minor edit, we won't show that minor edit in a whole new version.

Note: Anyone that is a part of the project where the Writeboard lives can edit the board. 

When you open a Writeboard that has more than one version, you can review the others individually, choose to compare two specific versions, or quickly compare the current version and the previous versions. This option is on the righthand side of the page:


Writeboards are exported individually. Click on a Writeboard, then click on the Export button at the top of the page. You'll be able to choose between a .txt export or a .html export of the board. 

Note: Basecamp Classic's Writeboard function does not link or sync with any external services.

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