Time tracking

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Tracking time

Note: Time tracking is offered on all Plus, Premium and Max Basecamp plans. If you’re not on one of those plans, you’ll need to upgrade to use this feature. More on our plans here.

In order to enter any data in a project you need to enter that project first. Once inside you’ll see the Time tab. Click that tab and you can enter time tracking data for that project.

To add time, click the “To-Do” tab. Find the list you want to enable time tracking for and put your mouse over the title. You’ll see a red “Edit” link appears to the left of the list’s title.

Click this link and check the box next to “Enable time tracking for this list.”

You’ll see that all items on the list now have a little clock icon next to the checkbox. Click the icon to enter hours for that item. You can select the person who performed the task, add the number of hours, and add notes.

Here's how the units are calculated: 
1 time unit = 1 hour
.75 = 45 minutes
.5 = 30 minutes
.25 = 15 minutes

Please note that Basecamp Classic does not have a timer so you need to enter in the time manually. You may want to try the Basecamp Classic time-tracking extras — third-party tools and software applications that work with your Basecamp Classic account.

Finally, time tracking is only available to people in your own company. Clients or people in other companies cannot see the tab.

Importing and exporting

There's no way to import time tracking data. Sorry about that! 

You can, however, export your time tracking data in CSV format. Start by clicking on the Time tab:

Click on the Export link in the bottom right corner:

Time reports

Time tracking reports are limited to 6-month date ranges. 
You can run as many reports as you’d like, but you can only pull 6 months worth of time data at once. If you need to pull 12 months, then just run two 6-month reports back to back.

To run a report, start by clicking on the Time tab:

Then click on Create a report on the top righthand side of the page. You'll see the option to create a report that shows everyone's hours (or the hours that a specific person has logged), a start date and an end date. Click on Create report and you'll see it on its own page with totals.

You can create more reports from here, edit existing ones, trash them, or go back to the complete time log. This table can be exported as a CSV as well!