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Create a company

To add a new company to an account, the owner or an admin will click the All People tab, and then the "Add a new company" button.

Once the new company is created, admins will be able to add users to it.

Users are a part of just one company. You should never add a person a second time, or try to list them under multiple companies — it can create a lot of unnecessary confusion!

While of course it’s possible in real life for a person to be a part of multiple companies, for Basecamp, it’s best to choose just one. This way, each person will only have one username and one password to remember, and other users won’t have any doubts about which identity to add to which project.

People can still be added to any project regardless of their company affiliation.

Move people between companies

Admins can move people between companies. To move someone, click the All People tab from the Dashboard (or People & Permissions tab in a project!). Click the edit link next to the person you would like to move. Select the new company from the “Company” drop-down menu, then click the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen.

When you move someone to a new company, all their content (messages, comments, etc.) remains attributed to them in the original project(s).

If you don’t see the company menu on the user edit screen, check to make sure that at least one additional company appears under the All People tab.

Important Notes:

1. When you move someone to a new company they will lose access to their projects. Learn how to add users to projects here.

2. If you have a Suite and would like to move a user from your primary firm to a client firm, you’ll need to remove their access to Highrise, Backpack & Campfire (click here for help with that). Then, you can use the instructions above to move your user.

3. If you move yourself to a new company, you’ll lose your admin status since admins can only be in the main company.

Change a company's time zone

The account owner or an administrator can go to the Dashboard and click the “All People” tab.

Find the company/client you want to set the time zone for and click on the “Edit” link for that company.

Go to the Time Zone dropdown menu and select the appropriate time for that company.

Admins can add a logo to each company on the account. This logo will appear on the overview pages of that company's projects.

From the Dashboard, click the All People tab, and then Edit below the company where you want to add a logo.

On the next page, you can upload the logo:

Why is our old logo (or an old photo) still showing up after I upload a new one?
This is caused by a browser-caching issue that rears its ugly head on a few browser/version/platform combinations.
If you upload your new logo (or a person’s photo), and you still see the old one, just force reload your browser. The reloaded page should show the new logo.
To force-reload on a Mac browser, hold down the “option” key and click the reload/refresh button in your browser. On the PC, hold down the “alt” key and click your browser’s reload/refresh button.
If that doesn’t clear your cache, here’s instructions on how to clear your cache for each major browser.
Why would I want to put my logo in a white box?
Some logos don’t look that great against Basecamp’s grey sidebar. If your logo works better against a white background, you can place it inside a white box instead. Just click the “Settings” tab and select the checkbox next to your logo that says, “Put the logo in a white box.”
If you’re trying to match the grey Basecamp background color, use #E5E5E5.

Delete a company

First, you need to remove the company from all projects. To do this, go to each project the company is associated with and remove it from the project. Here’s how:

Click on the project name. Then click the “People & Permissions” tab in the upper right of the screen.

Next, click the “Add people, remove people, change permissions” link.

Find the company you want to remove and click the link to the right of the company name that says, “Remove company from this project.”

Once you’ve removed the company from all projects, you’re ready to delete the company. Here’s how you do it:

Go to the Dashboard and click the “All People” tab.

Find the company you want to delete, and click on the “Edit” link for that company.

Click the “Delete this company” link. (Note: there is no undo so make sure you really want to delete them.) If you don’t see the “Delete company” link it’s because that company still has projects attached to it.