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Update your credit card

Only the owner of the Basecamp account will be able to edit the credit card info.

The account owner can change the credit card used for monthly Basecamp billing by going to the Dashboard and clicking on the “Account” tab. 

Once on the Account screen, click the “Change card” link near the top of the screen.

If you'd like the credit card to be removed from the account after the charge, please send us an email at

Make a lump sum payment

We’re only able to accept payments via credit card. We cannot process purchase orders, checks, pay-later invoices, or PayPal.

If you’d rather not have a monthly charge on your credit card, you can set up a lump sum payment. The account owner can set up a lump sum payment option on the Account tab in Basecamp. If you choose this option, we’ll charge the card on file for the amount you choose to pay upfront, then we’ll take your monthly fee out of that paid amount.

You’ll still get an invoice each month, and when your lump sum is running out we’ll send you an email to let you know.

Find invoices

The account owner can log into their Basecamp account, click the Account tab, and scroll down below the account chart. All the invoices ever posted to the account will be listed there — download to your heart's content!

Customize invoices

The account owner can change the "Bill to:" info that appears on each invoice from the Account tab in Basecamp under “Change your invoice settings."

You can use this field to show your full company address or special tax information. A secondary email address for the delivery of invoices can also be entered here.

Send invoices to someone else automatically

The account owner can choose to send invoices to another person by designating that person from the Account screen. 

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