Start a new project

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Create a New Project

This video takes you through setting up a project for a new client.

Only account owners and administrators can create new projects.

To get started, click the “Create a new project” button located in the right sidebar of your Dashboard. 

Add Users to a Project

Add people to your new project by going to the People & Permissions tab and clicking “Add people, remove people, change permissions.”

Add Milestones and Events

You can add milestones and events in the Calendar tab. Milestones and events mark major happenings for a project. The difference between the two is that a user can be marked as responsible for milestones, whereas events don’t have a responsible party.

To add an event or milestone, click the “Add a new event” button: 

You can also click a date on the calendar to add your event or milestone:

Create To-Dos

Create to-do lists in your To-dos tab: 

You can assign users with responsibility for each item in a list. You'll be able to choose from a drop-down menu listing everyone on the project: 

Relate a To-Do List to a Milestone

Track a milestone's progress by relating it to a to-do list.  Choose the corresponding milestone from the drop-down bar: 

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